A global sea change is coming to Jerusalem’s streets

A global shift in localism is coming in the Middle East and is expected to make the city a global city in the near future, says a new book on the changing face of Israel.

The new book, “The Globalization of Israel: Localism in the Globalizing Middle East”, by Prof. Dan Raviv, a professor at Tel Aviv University, is due to be published on Monday.

It will be the first book on localism published in English.

In the book, Raviv describes how a global shift has already occurred in the cities and suburbs of the region, especially in Jerusalem, the birthplace of Judaism, which has become a global hub of local culture and life.

“The local population has become more global in the last two decades,” Raviv said, referring to the city’s rapid growth, its rapidly growing population and its rapidly changing political, economic and cultural environment.

A recent article in Haaretz reported that in the 1990s, the city had around 60,000 Jews, but today it has over 250,000.

The number of residents in the Old City, the main Jewish quarter, now exceeds the city itself, which stands at a little over 80,000, and there are currently about 1,200,000 Jewish residents in Jerusalem.

While Jerusalem has long been a Jewish enclave, Ravav says that in recent years, a new demographic shift has taken place: the number of Palestinians living in the city has increased, and many Palestinians are now living in large parts of the city.

The phenomenon has even affected the status of the Jewish Quarter, a popular tourist spot in the centre of the Old Quarter.

The article cited local residents who said that since the 1990’s, the number and quality of Palestinian residents in neighborhoods such as Ramallah, Hebron, and Hebron Hills has drastically decreased.

“This change has created a new situation in which the Jewish population is becoming increasingly diverse and the Palestinian population is shrinking,” the article read.

“For instance, in Ramallah the Jewish community has grown by 30 percent and now there are over 60,00 Jews living there.

There are now over 600,000 Palestinians living there, and in Hebron there are only about 300,000.”

“In the last 20 years, Jerusalem has become less and less Jewish, more and more Palestinian and Palestinian Arabs,” Ravav added.

“It has become very hard for the Jewish people to live there, especially if they want to continue living in this neighborhood.

The situation is not just about the Jewish quarter.

There is a growing tension between Jews and Arabs.

There has been a lot of anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism.”

Raviv also highlighted how Jerusalem’s Palestinian Arab residents were increasingly being targeted by the Israeli authorities, especially by the military.

The book’s title is not a reference to the recent wave of anti of the Muslim Brotherhood in Israel, which includes violence against Palestinian residents and the expulsion of dozens of Palestinians from the Old District of Jerusalem, which is a majority Palestinian city.

Instead, the title refers to the increasing polarization in Israeli society that is reflected in the rising number of Israelis who believe that the country has become too liberal, and that Israel is too soft on its Jewish citizens.

“This book provides the most comprehensive account of the current situation in Israel,” said Raviv.

According to the report, over 60 percent of the Palestinian residents of Jerusalem are from the Palestinian diaspora, while nearly two-thirds of the residents of the rest of the West Bank are from Palestinian communities.

The report also notes that the Palestinian minority in Israel is now the second largest in the country after the Jewish majority, with more than 70 percent of Israeli Jews identifying as Jewish.

Rivav noted that, while there are still many Jews living in Jerusalem and Hebrons, there is a “growing sense of marginalization” among the Palestinian community, which he said has created “an atmosphere of fear and mistrust.”

The growing divide between Israel’s Jewish and Palestinian communities has become an issue in Israeli politics as well.

Last month, the head of the Israeli parliament’s Arab minority, Avigdor Lieberman, called on the government to impose a curfew in the West Jerusalem neighborhoods of Ein Kerem and Beit El, which have become hotspots for the anti-Arab demonstrations in recent months.

Lieberman also said that Jerusalem’s Muslim and Christian residents have been subjected to an “extreme form of discrimination” and have been denied access to government services.

Israelis have also taken to social media to criticize the Israeli government’s decision to relocate the Jewish settlement of Yitzhar, a city in central Israel.

Many have criticised the move as an act of “genocide,” saying that Yitzhars people were the only people left in the region.

Many also have been outraged by the recent move by the Palestinian Authority, the Palestinian branch of the Islamic movement Hamas, to open its headquarters


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