A new, interactive online art gallery of local stories, local folk tales

An online gallery of online art from around the world is being created to highlight local stories of people and places from around Australia.

The Australian Art Gallery of Local Stories is the brainchild of local art curator and arts educator, Lisa Broughton, who was inspired to start the project after her family moved to Australia from Queensland to find work.

“I found this really beautiful community of art, so I thought, ‘let’s do something with that’,” Ms Broughtons said.

Ms Broughson said she wanted to create an online collection of local folk art that was not just a collection of photographs, but also a collection that had a context.

As the project evolved, the curator wanted to build the art around stories about local people and their artworks, which would be displayed alongside images of the work.

“We’ve always had these really strong community ties, but there’s a lack of diversity in the arts community,” she said.

“So I thought it would be interesting to have this community in-focus, because we’re all Australians.”

The exhibition will feature artwork from Australian artist Sarah Sillars, who is also an educator and author.

This work features an Aboriginal woman with a white dress on a riverbank.

Sarah Sillar has also worked with other Indigenous artists.

In one image, she shows the viewer a river-dwelling Aboriginal woman on a rock, while in another she shows a man and his child on a canoe, while the river flows past.

Both images show Aboriginal people on the riverbank, and she says it’s important for them to see themselves reflected in the work, as well as the artworks themselves.

Art and culture curator, Lisa Fauci said the exhibition was intended to highlight Indigenous Australians’ connections with the land.

“It’s really about Indigenous artists, and that’s the thing that we’re interested in, we’re also interested in the people and culture that we share,” Ms Faucis said.

“So this exhibition is about Aboriginal art, but it’s also about the art and culture around the Indigenous people that are part of it.”

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