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How to Write Local Legends Stories

When you think of Hawaii localism, the first thing that comes to mind is the state’s rich and diverse history.The island’s rich cultural, social, and ethnic histories have helped shape the island’s identity, which is a good thing.Localism is one of the few ways for a state to maintain its

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How to spot a fake news story on Facebook

A fake news post on Facebook is a perfect example of how Facebook is making it harder for news consumers to see the truth.If you’ve ever noticed that your news feed suddenly stops showing articles about real-world events, like climate change or gun control, then you know that it’s a

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Why are people still using phones?

By now, most people have a mobile phone and many will tell you that they are glad to have one.Unfortunately, you need to be able to find it in the world and often, you don’t even know what it is.Many people believe that mobile phones have made it easier to

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How to get a dog that looks like a dog

How to Get a Dog That Looks Like a Dog?When you get a new pet and decide to bring him home with you, it is wise to first assess the size and weight of the dog.If you are looking for a dog to help you with the home and household

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How to get the most out of your local startup

By now, most Indian startups are probably using a version of Google Analytics or Facebook’s SimilarWeb to gather data on the market.The difference is that they are doing it in a way that can be applied anywhere.Here is a guide to the most common and efficient ways to get insights

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How did our marriage evolve?

Marriage and children are the defining issues in the U.S., but there are many other aspects to the story.Here are a few things to know about them.1.The history of marriage.Marriage began in the early 1600s.This wasn’t the first time people had a choice about their partner.In 1634, Charles Darwin published

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How to make $15,000,000 with Bitcoin

The next time you’re tempted to invest in bitcoin, take a minute to think about where you get it.If you’re a fan of the digital currency, you’re likely familiar with the virtual currency known as bitcoin.You can buy it at the whim of a computer, and there’s no minimum or

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