Australia’s biggest city is home to the world’s largest dog story time

A city in southern Victoria is home for one of the world, if not the worlds largest, dog story times.

The city of St Vincent, located in the north-west corner of Victoria’s Sunshine Coast, is the birthplace of one of Melbourne’s oldest stories.

“It’s a beautiful story.

A very popular story,” said resident Lisa O’Brien.”

There’s a lot of people in the neighbourhood that have their dogs, so it’s a very popular dog story, especially for kids and their dogs,” she said.”

I can’t even imagine being in that position where I’m not able to walk a dog.”

But I can still have a good story and it’s very nice.

“Ms O’Connor has owned her dog, Lottie, for 15 years.”

She’s my favourite dog in the world,” she added.”

Every year she goes for a walk with me and she does a lot for me.

“You can hear her barking all over the street and that’s how I know she’s happy.”

The best part is, we go to the park with her, and it gets a lot more people involved.

“We’ve had a couple of hundred people come and see Lotties for the last few years.”

“It gives a little bit of a boost,” she continued.

“People come out and have a dog walk, they come out for a few hours and you get a lot.”

A lot of the dog owners who have their own dogs, I think they don’t have the time to get them up to speed with their new-found skills.

“The dog is one of many stories that will be told at St Vincent.

Ms O`Brien says she can’t imagine having to go out of her way to have her dog up to code.”

If I had to do it, I would definitely do it,” she laughed.”

Just because you have to go to a dog park for your dog doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself,” she explained.”

This dog has a great job.

I just love it.

“For Ms O’Brien, the story is part of her family’s heritage.”

My great grandfather was an animal keeper in St Vincent and I think he told me about this dog that’s still in the family, that he owned a dog called Lotti,” she recounted.”

When he passed away he was very sad, but he had Lottis, and he said he’d love to see them out there.

“So I’m very excited for Lotts to come out here to live a little more and be part of it.”

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