Dublin’s new cafe opens in an abandoned house

THE city has been hailed as the “first Irish town to be transformed by art”.

With the help of a £1.5m investment, the new Café Delight is opening in the abandoned house where a former cafe once stood.

The new cafe, located on the corner of Dublin Road and Millington Street, is located just a few doors down from the former cafe where a plaque still commemorates the cafe’s owners.

The former cafe, which has since been demolished, is currently home to the local artist and café owner, Michael McConville.

The café will feature an art gallery and a cafe area.

It will also offer a full range of food, drink and cultural activities, including art installations and performances.

The development was financed by the Department of Social Development, Tourism and Local Government, which will spend around £1m over four years to upgrade the house.

The €1.7m project will also include a new cafe and the building itself, and will also provide a space for community events.

The project is part of the city’s redevelopment strategy and will be supported by a €500,000 grant from the European Investment Bank.

The city’s development strategy is designed to “reinforce the city as a city of people, not cars”, the department said in a statement.

“The new café will also complement the existing café and provide new opportunities for the community and visitors to come and experience the city.”

The department has been working with local community groups to help secure the funding for the project.

In a statement, Mayor Brendan Hogan said the project was “the most exciting development of the decade for the city of Dublin”.

“The development will benefit all of our citizens and will have a positive impact on the city,” he said.


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