How a Brooklyn tailor was inspired by a real-life superhero

A Brooklyn tailor has come up with a new way to use her knitting skills, and the resulting product is a superhero.

The tailor, who was born in Zimbabwe, is one of several local artists working to reimagine the African-American superhero as a fashionista, rather than a white man, a fashion blogger reported.

In this Oct. 17, 2014, photo, the “Black Man Knit” t-shirt is seen on a shop counter in Brooklyn.

The shopkeeper says it is an attempt to re-create a superhero as well as make a statement.

The story is part of a series of stories that illustrate the role of black people in fashion.

In addition to the “White Man Knits,” the story features artists from Brooklyn, New York and South Africa, according to a story in the online publication Brooklyn Magazine.

The stories come as the fashion industry continues to grapple with racism in the United States.

The designer, who goes by the handle Naeem Mzani, told the New York Times that she started designing the t-shirts after seeing a photograph of the black man who knit them, an African-born actor named Desmond Tutu, in a movie.

She was inspired to create a version of the shirt with the actor’s likeness on it, the paper reported.

The shirt is made from an oversized knit-knit, with a red-and-black motif.

The fabric is dyed in a black and blue hue and has a logo on the front and back.

The design has been praised by social media users, and many of them have taken to Twitter to share their own photos of the tshirt, the Times reported.

“The story that we want to tell is the intersection of fashion, art, and politics,” said Mzania, a graduate of Parsons The New School who has worked with the fashion brand Gap Inc. She added that she’s also inspired by the work of artists like Kiki Kannibal, a designer who made the shirts for Beyonce’s “Formation” album.

“I’m always thinking of the way that our bodies and culture and people are constantly under attack,” she said.

“But there’s always a chance to make something that reflects that.

It’s something that has this power that is really empowering.”

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