How a viral Facebook post helped local businesses survive the Great Recession

The local success stories are as ubiquitous as they are hard to ignore.

They are the stories that show us that the local economy works for everyone and not just the rich and powerful.

They show us what happens when people are willing to do the hard work to create an economy that works for them, not just their family and friends.

But in many cases, local businesses have been hit by the recession harder than the national economy. 

The local success has come from a combination of the right mix of luck and smart business practices, said Scott Anderson, the president of the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce.

In Austin, for example, local business owners and local governments are in many ways the backbone of the local economic engine, Anderson said.

The city is a large business hub, with more than 2,000 companies with more revenue than any other city in the country.

We have the largest number of small businesses in the nation, Anderson explained.

We have the smallest number of large companies.

And we have a lot of places that are very profitable.

So we’re able to bring a lot more people into our economy.

“It’s hard to know how many businesses would be in danger if the economy was not working, Anderson noted.

Some are in a recession and are trying to survive by focusing on a niche or niche business.

Others are struggling, but still want to create jobs for themselves and their families.

And then there are the small businesses that are still going strong.

Some of the most successful businesses are not the biggest or the most profitable.

The small businesses are ones that have been around for years, or they are new businesses, or small businesses with a few employees, Anderson told CNNMoney.

In some ways, small businesses offer a glimpse of what might happen if the local economies were not working.

Anderson pointed to a local company he worked with in Austin called the American Red Cross, which was struggling financially when the economy began to slow down in 2008.

It had a small workforce and no offices, but the company still had the same mission, Anderson recalled.

It was a local business that was still in the business of providing emergency assistance to people who needed it.

He said the company used its local business experience and its contacts in the community to make the best decision possible.

Anderson said he thinks the small business success stories show that the small and medium businesses are doing the hard and that the big and large businesses can be held accountable for their failures.

The good news is that the economy has stabilized and we’re still recovering, he said.

The bad news is the local success can come at a high cost.

The economic downturn has been particularly painful for small business owners.

Anderson said the recession hurt many small business, and some were unable to pay their bills.

The recession also meant a decrease in tax revenues, which hurt many smaller businesses.

And there is the added cost of losing business.

But local business has recovered in the last two years.

In fact, Anderson says the local business population has increased by 10 percent since the beginning of the recession.

And the local government is growing, too.

Follow CNNMoney on Twitter and Facebook for the latest local news.”

The local business story is a story of resilience,” Anderson said, “because it can show us the things that can happen when people do the right things, whether it’s through local government or the private sector.”

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