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TIENCIA, Spain — (AP) For decades, the dog that had become a symbol of Spain’s social ills had been a symbol for a culture that seemed far removed from the country’s problems.

But a new wave of dog owners began to come into its circle and it became a symbol in its own right, symbolizing the way Spain’s dog lovers came together.

The Dog that was so long in Spain was born in the city of Tenerife and was named after a dog called “La Teneria.”

Since then, a few thousand people have adopted the breed as a symbol and the breed has also become a national sport.

That makes it one of the most popular dogs in Spain, according to DogSavers, an organization that helps adoptable dogs find homes.

The popularity has created a sense of nostalgia, but also an increasing need to make the breed more appealing to tourists and expats.

The breed has even gained a national mascot: a white and tan dog with a bright yellow face.

But this year, the Dog that’s so long is coming to an end, said Ana Barrera, a dog breeder who has owned the breed for more than a decade.

The breeder and dog lovers in her region have been lobbying the government to adopt a ban on breeding the breed, saying that it is too easy to breed the breed and it makes people feel guilty.

The government has taken a different approach, adopting a resolution calling for the dog to be retired, as it is now a symbol.

The dog was adopted by the city in 1882 and its owner died in 1937.

The owner, who was known as “La Terza,” had the breed because of the love he had for it.

That love, coupled with the breed’s ability to fight infections, made it the most sought-after breed for dogs in Europe, said Elisa Rocha, a professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

It’s a very old breed that has become a kind of national symbol.

“This breed is very important in Spain because the country is very old,” she said.

The country has a lot of dogs, said Rocho.

The breed is called “Terza” in Spain. “

We also have many breeds that are not used very much in Spain.”

The breed is called “Terza” in Spain.

It was first recognized by the Spanish government in 2003 and the government has adopted it as the national dog, said Jose Manuel Vela, director of the DogSaver organization.

A national ban on the breed would be an insult to the breeders, Vela said.

“It’s not just about the breed.

It is a matter of national identity,” he said.

People from all over Spain are visiting Tenerifía every year, and the city has seen a surge in the number of dog lovers and tourists.

The city of Valencia alone has seen more than 6,000 people visit since 2011.

The number of dogs has increased by more than 50% in the past year alone, said Vela.

And the breed is attracting a new generation of people, many of whom are looking for a good pet, he said, referring to the growing popularity of the breed among dog lovers.

The most popular dog breed in Spain is the breed of white and black dogs.

There are also three breeds of white cats and three breeds that breed black cats.

People in Tenerifa say that the breed can be seen everywhere.

In Teneriferas streets, there are many signs that proclaim the breed in white and blue.

And in Tereza, a city in the northern part of Spain, there is a large white house with white and red flowers on it.

The Spanish government has banned the breed from being bred, but the breed still exists.

The breeding of Terza is also prohibited in Spain and the Spanish Government does not recognize the breed itself.

So the dog can be used as a national symbol, said Barrera.

And because the breed was a symbol, it has also developed a national image, she said, adding that the country should keep the breed a national animal.

“People who have adopted Terza in Tetera are just like anyone who is looking for an animal in a very different situation.

They don’t have the dog in a box and can’t find a pet in a more difficult situation,” said Barra.

In fact, the breed may be the most misunderstood in Spain for many people.

Many people do not understand how a breed like Terza works, or that it has to be bred in a laboratory, Rochas said.

And they may be confused about the breeding methods, which can be difficult to explain, she added.

For instance, Terza has a long coat, which makes it harder for it to get scratched or scratched easily, Rolas said, noting that some people don’t understand that Terza can get infected with the respiratory illness Borreliosis


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