How to create a local story with big local players

The local story is the story of a place, a place that matters.

Its how we learn about the world, how we make sense of the world.

We can do this in an incredible way, but when we make the story the story, we often have to break with tradition.

Thats why, for years, I have been exploring new storytelling methods to tell the story. 

One of those methods is storytelling with big global players. 

 The story of the United States, after all, is an international story, but the story in the US can only be told by a limited number of people, who are mostly concentrated in a few metropolitan areas.

The story of our country is also a story of national identity, one that encompasses all the different races, religions, and cultures.

The same story of America can be told through stories from the rest of the globe, but because of the limited number, the story often loses some of its meaning.

That’s why the big stories are usually the ones that focus on the people, the places, and the things that matter most to us.

To be the story is to have an impact.

To tell the stories that matter, we must also think about the people who will be affected.

We must ask ourselves: Who is going to be affected by the stories we tell?

How will they respond? 

In my work as an assistant to the President of the University of Michigan, I often tell stories about how to tell stories.

I tell stories in ways that allow the story to connect to a larger purpose, a larger narrative.

It is through telling these stories that we are creating the stories for the next generation of American students, teachers, and citizens.

To me, telling a story is about connecting to others and sharing stories that bring us closer together. 

The President of Michigan has a lot to do with making our universities and our society stronger.

He has a huge impact on our country and our world.

In the fall of 2020, I joined the President’s Office to help build on that impact. 

 This is the first of two stories that will explore these themes in depth in the months ahead.


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