How to get your local news local?

Posted September 02, 2018 15:05:49 The globalisation of media and communication has led to the fragmentation of news coverage and information, according to a report published by the Pew Research Centre.

In its Global Knowledge Report, the research group said that over the past decade, there has been a shift towards a more fragmented approach to reporting and a reduction in local content in many regions.

This has made it more difficult to find accurate information on local issues, particularly when it comes to local governments.

“The spread of global information technologies, such as social media, mobile phones, and online news sources have allowed for an increase in the volume of information in a person’s daily life,” said the report.

“It is now easier for a person to access information on the internet without knowing which source they are being presented with, or the context they are using the information in.”

The report also revealed that people in countries with higher levels of digital penetration reported a greater share of local news stories than those with lower digital penetration.

“While a large majority of the news stories people are exposed to are on local television or radio, this is changing, with the global distribution of information increasing, the proportion of local stories appearing on local media increasing, and the local news content that people are able to access increasing,” the report said.

“In general, local news sources are now more widely shared than the national news.”

This is due to a greater number of local reports being posted to the internet, and greater availability of news websites.

“However, this has not necessarily led to greater local coverage.”

The globalisation has also meant that the content and structure of news is changing across different countries, the report noted.

“Many countries have experienced a shift in the way they organise their news and information systems, from newspapers and magazines to social media and the internet,” it added.

“Some have shifted away from the traditional media, while others have moved towards digital platforms such as mobile phones.”

According to Pew, in 2015, about 57% of the world’s population lived in countries where local media existed.


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