How to help prevent influenza and other respiratory infections in the US and Canada

We all know the risks of being sick or dying from influenza.

But do we really know how many of us are at risk for getting sick and dying from it?

A new study suggests we’re not.

We do know that we’re likely to get sick and die from influenza, but it doesn’t really give us a good idea of how many people are at high risk.

What the new study did find was that about two-thirds of all influenza-related deaths were attributable to COVID-19.

And while that figure is relatively small, it’s a far cry from the 70 percent estimate in the CDC’s latest report.

The new study also looked at deaths that occurred during the pandemic from June 1, 2015 to April 1, 2016.

And that number is still a small number, with only 1.6 million deaths.

But the study did note that these deaths might have been prevented if hospitals had more access to ventilation and other treatments.

So while we might have missed some potential deaths due to COID-19, the new findings are still encouraging.

In addition to this study, we have a series of reports that are providing additional insights into the pandemics spread and the impact of influenza on the US health care system.

In this report, we’ve mapped out how the pandems spread across the US from January through June of this year.

In our next report, based on data from July 1, we’ll look at how the flu has affected the US healthcare system in the first week of August.

And in the third report, published today, we’re going to look at the effects of COID on US healthcare systems from July 20 to the end of August, including the impact on emergency departments and hospitals.

Stay up-to-date on the pandemaker pandemic


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