How to spot a fake news story on Facebook

A fake news post on Facebook is a perfect example of how Facebook is making it harder for news consumers to see the truth.

If you’ve ever noticed that your news feed suddenly stops showing articles about real-world events, like climate change or gun control, then you know that it’s a fake.

The problem is that people are using Facebook to post fake stories, and the fact that Facebook is seeing so many of them makes it easier for Facebook to tell the truth from the fake ones.

Facebook, however, says that it doesn’t see fake stories on the site.

“We’ve seen over a million reports of hoaxes on Facebook in the past year,” Facebook spokeswoman Stephanie Allen said in an email.

“So far this year, we’ve seen fewer than 1,500 reports of fake news on Facebook, which is a far cry from the tens of millions reported in 2016.”

Facebook’s Allen said that Facebook has been working on ways to “reduce the chances of fake content appearing on our platform.”

But, she added, the company hasn’t been able to “proactively remove or address reports of misinformation or hoaxes.”

We asked Allen about the issue, and she said that the company has seen reports of reports of people reporting hoaxes, but Facebook is unable to “actively remove those reports.”

She added that the platform does not track the content of reports, nor can it flag those reports as fake.

In fact, Facebook said that it does not have data to suggest that fake content on the social network is anything but real.

“This information is not used by Facebook to flag fake content, and we do not know how many reports of misleading content have been flagged,” Allen said.

“The vast majority of reports we’ve received are from people reporting misinformation and hoaxes that they believed to be real.”

The company’s efforts to get more people to report hoaxes have largely been met with skepticism.

For example, many of those reporting hoaxed stories on Facebook have said that they only found them after reading the stories.

But, Allen said, “we are constantly investigating hoaxes and ensuring that we’re taking appropriate action.”

Facebook said in its statement that it “remains committed to helping people spot fake content and to combating misinformation, but we are not always able to identify and remove hoaxes as quickly as we’d like.”

Facebook does have tools that can help people flag fake stories that they have seen, including a “tagging tool” that shows a “flavor text” to help users identify fake content.

But that feature is far from foolproof, and there are also a number of tools that do not always flag fake posts.

Allen said Facebook “is working to improve our tool to identify hoaxes faster and more easily.”

“We will continue to improve this tool, and if we can identify the hoax, we will flag it quickly,” she added.

We asked Facebook if it has received reports of a lot of false reports of Facebook hoaxes.

“There’s not a lot that we can say about it,” Allen replied.

She said that there are “several other ways” that Facebook can help “to reduce the chance of fake stories appearing on Facebook.”

But she added that Facebook “has not seen a single report of hoax on Facebook,” and that “we do not see reports of false content.”

“There is a small number of reports that have come to our attention from people who have flagged misinformation on Facebook and have told us that the content on Facebook was misleading or false,” Allen added.

“However, those reports are not indicative of a genuine report or a hoax, and as we have seen in the last year, hoaxes are very rare.”

Allen said she could not provide a timeline for when Facebook will begin to take action against fake posts on the platform.


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