How to spot a fake news story

A few weeks ago, the city of New York posted a notice on its website telling visitors to check out its fake news section.

The message was intended to warn readers about “fake news,” and the information posted was not accurate.

The notice said that some articles published by the website were “fake” and “scam stories.”

But it didn’t mention that the website was a scam, and it didn of course provide links to those articles.

It was a fake, fake article, a fake headline, and fake news.

It’s a fake.

And it was posted by a fake site.

The site is called

Here is how it looks on its homepage: “We publish only the most reputable news articles and videos about the world and its people.

We don’t take responsibility for what you read.

We only provide facts.”

Infowar is a far-right conspiracy website with links to a number of websites.

The website, which is run by a white nationalist, is a favorite among conspiracy theorists, and there’s no evidence to back up the claims that the site is run from a place of hate.

It also has links to some of the most offensive videos on YouTube, and some of which are widely shared.

Infowarrays main goal is to disseminate lies and disinformation about Hillary Clinton, and is considered to be a far right website by many.

“We’re not a white supremacist website, and we don’t endorse racist views,” the website’s CEO, Joseph Farah, said in an interview with The Huffington Post.

“It’s not a website for the left, it’s not like it’s a place where you go to see what the left is saying about everything.”

But Farah has said that his website is intended to “disinformation,” and that it’s part of an effort to make money by spreading misinformation.

He said that he “isn’t a racist, nor do I want to be.”

“The goal is not to make a profit from this,” he said.

“The aim is to make people think differently, to make them understand things that they don’t understand.”

The company’s business model is based on making money by creating fake news, and promoting that misinformation.

That includes promoting videos and videos that are shared and shared again and again, making money off of the false content.

But some have said that the company is also intentionally spreading lies to try to sway the election.

It does this by publishing fake news that is also promoted on social media.

A recent study by Columbia University’s journalism school found that people who believe that Donald Trump is “a liar” are more likely to click on “like” and retweet posts on Facebook, and they are more than twice as likely to share stories on Twitter.

The company is a front for Russian government propaganda, which, according to the New York Times, is aimed at discrediting American democracy and discreditizing Trump supporters.

The Infoware article claimed that the United States had a “crisis” in cybersecurity and that there is a “Russian propaganda machine” trying to influence our elections.

In fact, the company has been accused of peddling false information to promote their false claim.

But that is the reality of online propaganda, and the company said that they have the right to do that.

It said that it is not involved in any “propaganda” of any kind, and that they do not have the ability to influence the election in any way.

The article was shared by far-left activists, and was picked up by right-wing websites.

A Twitter user from the alt-right group Antifa tweeted out a screenshot of the article, saying that “this is a good reminder of the fact that Infowaris real name is Joseph Farahs real name, and Joseph Farha was not a fake website, but a fake article.”

In response to the story, the Infowarf Twitter account replied with a picture of a sign with the words “Don’t trust Infowarp.

Fake News.”

Infows information is shared on the site with a message that reads “We are not responsible for any content posted by our site.”

It’s unclear what Infowarth’s owners plan to do about the article or its content.


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