“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” is my new favorite game

The Legend of, the, and the, Zelda: The Wind Waker’s Legend of is the one that started it all.

It is the Zelda game that changed the genre, and it is the game that has cemented my love for the franchise.

It’s the game I can play with my family and friends and I’ll always remember playing on a Nintendo Switch, even when the Switch was a Nintendo 3DS.

I’m a fan of the Legend of as well, but its a different beast.

I remember playing the game on the Nintendo 64, and I’m still hooked.

There are still some parts of the game’s story I find deeply disturbing, but I’m more interested in the overall story of the series than I am in any specific individual game.

That’s why I’m excited to get the full version of The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Wakers, the Definitive Edition. 

In The LegendOf, you will explore a world where you can customize your favorite heroes, including Link and the rest of Link’s friends.

The game has three main areas: the world map, a new world, and a new area.

There’s also a new dungeon to explore, which you can explore with a handful of characters and an assortment of items.

I won’t spoil anything for you, but if you play the game with friends, you can unlock all of the characters in each of the three worlds in a single play through. 

When I was playing The Legend, I remember thinking about what I wanted to do with the game, and what the game could do for me.

The Legend was a game about adventure, and Zelda was a story about friendship.

I was intrigued by how the game would allow me to explore and expand the Legend’s world, so I took the time to play through the game. 

I loved The Legend.

It had a unique, memorable, and engaging world to explore.

Its characters were well-written, and each one felt distinct and interesting. 

The Legendof Zelda: Legend of the WindWaker: The Definitive Edition is a game that I will always remember.

I’ve spent hours and hours playing it with my friends and family, and there is still a deep connection I have with the Legend. 

After playing The Legends Definitive Edition, I’m going to start a brand new playthrough.

It will be my first time playing this game on a Switch.

The Definitive edition is a fully-updated, remastered version of the original, and its a game I will be playing with my entire family and the Nintendo Switch. 

You can download The LegendofZelda: WindWakers from the Nintendo eShop right now. 

Thanks for reading!


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