When the ‘post-modern’ gets you down

Posted February 13, 2019 11:00:48When it comes to the ‘old’ media, the ‘new’ media has the best story beats.

The media has no excuse for not making them, and for their newsworthiness is directly proportional to the size of their audience.

And the best media is the one that gets the stories right.

But when it comes time to make changes, it is not so easy.

That is where the post-modern comes in. 

The new media has become the new ‘alternative facts’ which are designed to deceive the public and create confusion. 

In the new media, news stories are not the same as reality. 

And what happens when a story is ‘too good to be true’?

That story gets buried.

And what happens to the original source?

And who will get the blame?

It’s up to the media, and especially the media in the USA, to figure out how to present the news accurately.

The new media is a new medium that does not rely on facts, but on the internet to tell us what we need to know.

What is the media supposed to do? 

When the internet allows people to share and share without consequences, then the media has a responsibility to inform, educate and entertain. 

For example, if the internet has not been invented, then how do we make sense of what is being said?

The internet has made it easier for the media to tell the truth.

But it’s important to remember that the media is also a business.

And as a business, the media needs to keep itself in the loop, even when things are getting bad.

And the new internet, like the old, is also being used to create misinformation and disinformation. 

It is no longer necessary to trust the old media.

And it is time for the new to learn from the old. 

So, in a sense, the new is being forced to deal with the old and to learn how to use the internet in a way that is both useful and informative.

So what is the new alternative?

Well, the internet is being used by the media as a tool for disinformation and misinformation. 

This is an idea that is being embraced by the new media. 

Its also an idea, shared by many, that is gaining momentum in the mainstream media, especially by the BBC. 

But its important to understand that this idea is not new.

The concept of ‘alternatives’ is well-known to all. 

We know from the work of the late journalist Seymour Hersh.

Hersh used to describe his work as an attempt to ‘defeat the enemy through the media’ and ‘exploit the media for the benefit of the state’ (Hersh 1963: 14). 

In his book How the Press Kills: A History of the Death of Journalism, HersH explained that the new media was part of a propaganda campaign against journalism in order to control it. 

‘The press is an instrument of propaganda and a tool of terror.’ 

Heredian also noted that ‘it was used by Stalin and Hitler to suppress criticism of the system and to keep it silent.

The same media is now used to suppress the critical news media.’

Hershon’s book The Death of the American Century is the classic book that explains how the ‘propaganda’ industry came to dominate American politics and that the current situation is a perfect illustration of this. 

What is happening to the internet, then, is not about ‘the alternative facts’.

Its about the media being used as a weapon. 

I want to talk about how the media is being used. 

How does the media work?

The internet is not a ‘news’ outlet.

The internet is a platform for information and discussion.

And its a platform that allows people around the world to exchange ideas and knowledge. 

Internet content is not made up of ‘factoids’ or ‘information’ that are meant to be fact-checked.

It is created by people around a topic, with the idea that the internet can provide a forum for debate, discussion and disagreement. 

If a topic is discussed, the idea of the topic is validated, the truth is challenged, and people can see what other people think. 

All of these things are supposed to happen. 

However, these events can happen in a completely different way depending on who is the audience and what the purpose of the forum is.

For example the internet is also used to make information appear as if it comes from a trusted source.

This is the internet of lies. 

On the internet there is no truth, but there are some truths that are so powerful that there is no reason to question them. 

To be fair, there are other forms of truth as well, but they are not always considered true by the general public. 

 There is also the 


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