When the World Was Small: The Rise and Fall of the Beatles and How They Inspired the Film ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

It’s a story that, despite the fact that it only exists in the mind of a few individuals, is an incredibly important one.

The Beatles, in their early years, were just one of many influential bands, many of whom have gone on to become iconic figures in popular culture and have left a lasting impact on the world, and for good reason.

The song “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue” is one of the most recognizable songs ever written.

The rest of the album is an album of the greatest songs ever recorded, including “The End” (originally titled “I Want to Hold Your Hand”), “I Am the Walrus” (from their debut album) and “Help!

I’m In Love With a Girl” (the first single off their second album).

It’s an album that has influenced countless generations of artists and is still the most popular song in the world.

And now, we bring you the story of how the Beatles came together to create the song “Star Wars” and how the story has been written, and the movie that has been made.

Read on for the history behind “Star War” and the story behind the movie.

“Star” and “Star wars” were both written in 1963 by a group of young Beatles members called The Beatles.

It wasn’t until 1967 that they were allowed to work together on the songs, and it was the beginning of a long collaboration.

The story goes that a songwriter named Paul McCartney called them on the phone one day and asked if they could record some Beatles material.

“No, it was Paul McCartney,” Paul said.

“But he told me that I could write it.”

McCartney was a Beatles fan and a musician at the time.

The idea was that they would record a few songs and then they would take the material back to London to record the rest.

Paul told Lennon and McCartney, who had a friend called George Martin who had been a fan of the group, to meet them in London and start recording a song.

“I met them in their hotel room,” McCartney said.

Paul and McCartney recorded some songs, including a few by themselves.

The two went on to record several songs for the soundtrack of the movie Star Wars.

“The Beatles were all about songwriting,” McCartney later recalled.

“And they were very passionate about it.”

The songwriting, McCartney said, was one of their “most beautiful parts” of the relationship.

“They would come to me and I would be like, ‘I’ve got to tell you something,'” McCartney said of their relationship.

“‘We’ll do the song together.

We’ll go and record it, and then we’ll have the music and then the movie.'”

McCartney recalled that Lennon told him he thought the Beatles would be able to produce a great film, but he was surprised when he got the response he wanted.

“George Martin said to me, ‘You know, Paul, the Beatles are just not good enough to do that.’

And that’s the reason why we did it,” McCartney recalled.

McCartney said that the Beatles were so excited about the song that they started making some of the songs themselves.

McCartney was able to record them on a tape recorder and recorded them at his home studio in his garage.

They were eventually recorded in his basement, in front of his studio, and later recorded live in London.

“You know how much I love a good live show,” McCartney told Rolling Stone magazine.

“So we made this studio and we recorded all the songs there.

We made the live album and we filmed the songs and recorded all of the footage.

We didn’t know if it would get to the screen, but we were so happy about it that we decided to film it live.”

The Beatles were a big group, and when they were writing the lyrics for “Star”, McCartney said he and Lennon were trying to think of a theme for the song.

They came up with a theme, and Lennon then wrote some lyrics for it.

McCartney had written some lyrics that were about a friend, and he and McCartney also came up and wrote some more about the other members of the band.

The group thought they would write about the members of The Beatles and then put the songs together.

The songs would be written over the course of several days, and they would then get the final edits.

McCartney, as a song writer, wanted the songs to be about people in the same time frame, so he wanted to have the songs that had a certain theme.

He didn’t want to write songs that were too dark or too light.

He wanted them to have a certain tone and feel.

McCartney wrote some songs that are about the Beatles but they were also about other people and they were about the group.

McCartney wanted the Beatles to have an emotional quality, but also have a sense of humor and he


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