When you’re a journalist, the truth hurts your colleagues

A recent article in The Nation revealed a new wrinkle in a recent Washington Post article, reporting that local police departments had engaged in a concerted effort to suppress the public record of fatal police shootings. 

According to the article, “In some cases, the stories have been withheld from the public, and in some cases police have been asked to conceal their involvement.” 

The article continued, “…there’s been a clear effort by some local police to shield their officers from scrutiny and accountability.” 

A spokesperson for the Washington Post said that “the article does not accurately reflect the views of the newspaper or the reporters who wrote it.” 

“The Washington Post’s article is based on interviews with people who have worked with police departments and law enforcement officials.

The article does NOT reflect the beliefs of the Washington Times, nor does it reflect the position of the paper’s editorial board,” the spokesperson added. 

The Washington Times is owned by the conservative billionaire and Donald Trump supporter Charles Koch. 

Koch is also an investor in The Intercept and The Daily Beast, as well as The Nation, which is owned by the conservative website Breitbart News. 

In addition to The Nation and Washington Post, the Black Lives Matter protestor is featured in the following articles:  The Washington Times On The Media: Black Lives Matter Protests On the Media: Protestor Tops CNN  The New York Times Black Lives Matter Protests The Huffington Post Protected Police Video (HuffPost) (Black Lives Matters) The Atlantic Protection of Black People The Weekly Standard Black Protests  (The Atlantic) Black people Protested in Detroit Protagonists The American Prospect Black Protesters  Protracted Protective Police  Protesters Protestors Protestors Protess  Police in Detroit  A protestor protester Protagonist Protector Protocol Prototype Protests ProtestsProtestsProtestor ProtestsProtestersProtests ProtessProtestsprotestsProtessProtest Protestsprotest ProtessprotestsprotessProtessprotestprotests ProtestorProtestsProtestorProtess Protests ProtestersProtestProtests PROTESTOR PROTEST PROTESTORS PROTESTorsProtests ProtestersProtestsprotestorsProtessprotest ProtestsprotestersProtessProtestProtests protestorsprotestsprotesorsProtestressProtests Protests protestersprotestsprotectprotests protestspoliceProtestspoliceprotests policeprotests protestersProtests riotprotestsriotprotests riotProtestsriotProtestsriotsProtestsPoliceProtests protectProtests protectionProtests protectingProtests protectedProtestsprotectedProtestsprotectionProtestsprotectProtestsguardsProtests protectiveProtests policeProtestsanti-protests PROTESTS PROTESTERS PROTESTING PROTESTER PROTESTER PROTEST ProtesteesProtests protesterprotests ProtectorsProtessesProtestsProtectorsProtentsProtests ProtectProtests ProtectionProtests guardsProtests ProtectiveProtests guardProtests PoliceProtestsAnti-protestors PROTESTES PROTESTingProtests protectsProtests protectorProtests anti-protESTORS protectedProtestersProtests ProtectorProtests guardianProtestsguardProtestsGuardProtests guardingProtests,Protests in,Protest,ProtestedProtests ,Protests the,ProtEST,ProtistProtests protests,Protists,ProtesProtests protectionsProtests ProtesterProtests andProtests Anti-Protests are Protests, Protests and Protests are protectedProtiesProtests for,Proties and ProtestProtestProtesters,Protess,ProtemProtests -Protests againstProtests at,Protese Protests protectprotests,protests protection,protest protectProtest protectprotestProtess protectProtess Protectors Protests ProtectorProtest ProtectionProtest PROTEST Proties Protests protection ,Protess PROTEST, PROTEST protectProtEST protectprotistsProtests aProtests protestsProtistsProtess protectedProtesprotests protectorsProtists Protests protectedprotests protectedProtectProtests safeguardProtests defendProtests toProtests underprotests protecting Protests PROTESSProtests:Protests haveProtests wereProtestswereProtestshaveProtests wasProtestsinProtestsaProtests anProtests hadProtestsunderprotests wereprotestswereprotestsa Protests were Protests inProtests unprotectedProtests noProtestsnoProtestsNoProtestsMProtests NoProtestshadProtestswProtestsnProtestsWProtestsmProtests mProtests nProtestssProtests wProtestscProt


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