Why do people lie about their favorite places?

The next time you think about a favorite place, you may be tempted to mention something like “It was on the list” or “Its a little bit bigger than that.”

Unfortunately, there are plenty of places that aren’t on the “list.”

These places can have a lot to do with their status as a myth, a legend, or even a hoax.

Here are the 10 places most likely to be the source of your next story.1.

The Garden State State: The Garden state is a place where a lot of myths and legends can originate.

In this case, a lot more people will likely tell a story about a place that is either a lie or a hoax than the other way around.

The “Garden State” is a term that’s often used to describe parts of New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

According to a New York Times article, people are known to be afraid of heights in the Garden State because the trees that grow there look so tall, so they fear heights as a result.

It’s not a stretch to think that a lot people in New York City and elsewhere will tell a very different story about their home state than they would about any other place in the country.2.

The Bahamas: The Bahamas are also a country that is known to have a wide range of myths, but they’re especially prone to these stories.

Many people believe that the Bahamas are a place you can visit with the sun shining, but that’s not true.

According the New York Daily News, a person who lives in the Bahamas and visits the island frequently will likely hear stories about how the Bahamas is a very cold place.

In fact, the Bahamas actually has a colder temperature than the United States!3.

The United Kingdom: The United States is a country famous for its sunny beaches and tropical climate.

People are also quick to tell stories about what they like about the UK, but most of these stories are not true at all.

The UK is known for being a place with a wide variety of myths that are widely believed to be true.4.

The Netherlands: The Netherlands is a relatively small country, but it is known as a place known for its rich history.

People believe that it’s a place people can visit, but a lot actually doesn’t happen there.

The Dutch people tend to live in large, urban communities and they don’t typically live on a large island.5.

The Great British Isles: A few people believe the Great British Islands are a bit of a mystery.

People in the UK believe that there’s an ancient kingdom on the Great Isles, but there is no proof that this is the case.6.

Hawaii: The Hawaiian Islands are located on the island chain that spans the Pacific Ocean.

There is a lot about Hawaii that people think is true, but for the most part, most people believe it’s an island with a lot going on.

People often talk about how Hawaii is a small, island town with a really great weather, but when you actually visit the Hawaiian Islands, you will find that most of the people are quite busy.7.

The Czech Republic: Czechs often talk a lot, but some people still lie about the Czech Republic.

In one of the most famous stories, people tell stories of how Czechoslovakia fell into chaos after the Communist Party was toppled.

In reality, the Czechoslovakian Republic was never a communist state, and the country is very peaceful.8.

The Philippines: The Philippines is a tiny country with only 2 million people, but many people think that the country has the world’s biggest population.

People also believe that a large part of the island of Mindanao is home to a vast army of pirates.9.

The Dominican Republic: The Dominican republic is a Dominican Republic country, which means it’s home to people of all colors.

People talk a big game about how this island nation has the best beaches in the world, but their actual beaches are pretty average.10.

The Congo: It may not seem like a very big country, it is.

The people of Congo, one of Africa’s poorest countries, are known for their good looks and good food.

People love their coffee and their country’s strong social media presence.


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