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By Mark KuczynskiPublished Mar 01, 2018 09:07:23It was a good week for the people of West Virginia.

A massive wildfire in the state left at least 20,000 people homeless. 

The news that an old man in his 60s died in the flames was a reminder that it’s not just in Appalachia.

More than 50 people died from a virus that has ravaged the region since the 1980s. 

And the coronavirus, which has been spreading across the US, has now killed more than 7,000 Americans and caused at least 300 deaths in the US.

“We’re a place where you can be pretty safe,” West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin said at a press conference.

“We have been through a lot.”

But the disease isn’t the only threat that has plagued the state for years.

The state has struggled with a shortage of skilled workers.

The number of jobs available in the local area has been shrinking for years, but now the job market is more competitive than ever. 

West Virginia is a prime example of how the rise of automation has made the job of caring for our elderly and disabled a much more challenging task. 

Tomblin is no stranger to working with automation, having worked as an industrial engineer for Ford in the 1960s.

He said automation is an “intangible” part of West Virginians everyday lives, and it is one that has not yet been fully understood by the state government.

“I’m always worried about automation,” he said.

“It’s been a long time coming, but the trend is definitely there.”

But for many, the idea of automation is just another facet of the same old problem that has been haunting West Virginia for years: the aging population.

The problem with the elderly in West Virginia is that they are a major part of the state’s economy, but they are also vulnerable to disease and disease-related deaths. 

“There are a lot of folks out there who are in their 70s, 80s, 90s,” Tomblin told a reporter from The Associated Press.

“The fact is, we have a lot more elderly out there, and the state of West Va., it’s just really hard to get them the care that they need.”

And there are plenty of challenges to getting them the health care they need.

The elderly population in West Va. is growing at a faster rate than the overall population, but healthcare costs are spiraling out of control. 

In 2018, the average annual cost of care for a Medicare patient in West VA was $2,865, according to data from the American Hospital Association. 

This year, it was $4,000, or about three times the rate for the general population, according a Reuters report from last month.

“It’s not surprising that they’re the ones who are getting sick and dying, but it’s really sad to see,” said Joe Bouscher, president of the West Virginia Hospital Association and a professor of social work at West Virginia University. 

He added that the health issues are not unique to West Virginia, and other states have had a similar problem. 

For example, the problem was highlighted by an Ohio woman who contracted the coronovirus while working in a nursing home.

The state’s health department said the woman died on February 12.

Bouscher said it is not unusual for people who work in nursing homes to have a chronic condition, and he worries that West Virginia could be a breeding ground for a new type of infection. 

“[West Virginia] has been around for a long period of time, and there is a real risk of this type of thing happening here,” he told the AP. 

Bouschers said West Virginia’s state workforce is only slightly larger than in other parts of the country, and his group is already seeing a large spike in patients being referred to the hospital because they are suffering from chronic conditions. 

When people are diagnosed with chronic conditions, they are often referred to a health care provider for an initial visit, which can take up to 24 hours. 

That is when they are then referred to another doctor for further testing.

But Bouschers worries that there is an increasing amount of cases of chronic conditions being diagnosed in nursing home residents and other vulnerable populations that the hospital does not have the resources to treat. 

There is no national standard for the diagnosis of chronic diseases, and hospitals in the area have no incentive to treat these patients.

The result is that people are being put in situations where they are not being treated properly, Bousiersays.

And if they don’t have the care they require, it is really tragic.

“West Virginia has the second-highest rate of chronic illness among all states, after Alaska. 

With this in mind, Tomblin is urging the state to look at creating a system that provides healthcare for those who are elderly or disabled. 

If he can get the state budget to fund that, he


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