Why is Australia’s political system so broken?

The politics of the state of Victoria are currently in a state of flux. 

In the lead-up to the federal election, Labor’s Julia Gillard and the Coalition’s Kevin Andrews were elected as the next two leaders. 

They are the most unpopular leaders in modern history. 

The political system in Victoria is split into three main parts, two of which are run by the state government and the third by the Commonwealth. 

What follows is an overview of the political landscape in Victoria. 


Parliament The Commonwealth Parliament sits in Canberra, Australia’s capital, which is home to Australia’s parliament and a number of federal, state and territory levels of government. 

It is responsible for passing laws. 

When the election was called, the Liberal-National coalition had a 52-seat majority in the House of Representatives, which is considered the second largest in the world. 

This meant that the Coalition’s plan to form a minority government had to be abandoned. 

But the Coalition didn’t go into power promising to change things. 

Instead, they said that they would only hold a minority parliament if they won a majority of seats in the state election. 

That plan didn’t work, but the state elections took place and the Coalition managed to win 50 seats in their own state. 

As a result, their minority government was formed with a total of 50 seats. 

So Labor won a comfortable majority in Victoria, with the Liberal-NDP coalition and Greens winning one seat each. 


Legislation The federal government’s portfolio is made up of six different portfolios. 

Each portfolio has its own set of laws, which are legislated by the federal government. 

 A portfolio can be the Commonwealth’s portfolio or an individual portfolio, such as the environment portfolio. 

However, if a portfolio is the Commonwealth’s business portfolio, it is usually the environment portfolio.3. 

Executive agencies There are also executive agencies. 

These are government agencies with specific responsibilities for different areas of policy, such as the Environment, Health, Health Services, Trade and Investment and the Financial Services portfolios.4. 

Committees and committees committees The legislative process in Victoria takes place within a set of committees and committees that are elected by each state and territories, as well as the Australian Capital Territory. 

A committee or committee can be an independent body, which means it has to vote on its own laws and issues, or it can function as a joint government-parliamentary committee.5. 

Directors The majority of elected officials in Victoria are appointed by the government, and are made up mostly of representatives of the Liberal Party and the National Party. 

There are, however, some Liberal Party members and members of the Greens. 

Some Labor politicians also represent the state and Territory governments. 


Political parties There is no party in Victoria except the Labor Party, which was formed in 1983. 


Members of the Australian Electoral Commission The Electoral Commission is the body that collects the votes and reports to the state governments.

They are charged with monitoring and scrutinising the behaviour of the Victorian Electoral Commission. 


Australian Capital Territory Government The Australian Capital Territories (ACT) Government is a federal administrative entity that has responsibility for administering Victoria.

It is a branch of the Commonwealth and is responsible for the governance of the ACT. 

Its members include the Government of Victoria, the State Government of the Territory, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO).9. 

Crowns, Barons and Lords The Commonwealth has many departments that are funded by the states and territories. 

Their functions are to: protect the public interest, administer the Commonwealth, provide services to Commonwealth entities, administer Commonwealth funds, assist Commonwealth entities in carrying out their functions and perform other duties.10. 

General laws The Australian constitution is the law of the land.

The constitution allows for freedom of speech and the right to free expression, although the constitution is a constitutional document and can’t be changed.

Some states and territories have specific laws that allow for certain freedoms to be protected, such to the right to demonstrate one’s identity, the right of association, the rights of religion and belief and the right to be free from arbitrary interference.


Foreign affairs The Commonwealth also provides foreign affairs services, including military, defence, intelligence and law enforcement. 


Military The Australian military is one of the largest in the world, with about 13,000 troops. 


International Relations The United Nations is an independent organisation, which has responsibilities for promoting the interests of the world community


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