Why the State of Hawaiʻi Is Locally Disgusted by the Trump Presidency

Posted February 12, 2019 11:38:32 The state of Hawaii has been the target of some pretty harsh criticism recently from some quarters, including some members of the Trump administration.

As one of the most diverse states in the nation, the state of Hawai’i has seen a surge of interest in Native American languages and cultures and the creation of a number of language schools.

But one of these schools, the O’ahu Native Language School, has had its work cut out for it in recent years.

The school was established in 2016 and opened its doors to students from all over Hawaiʿi.

But in the last two years, the school has had to curtail its operations, with some staff members having to work off-site due to an illness.

The school’s founder and director, Tia O’Neill, said that after the school was shut down, she was put on administrative leave while she recovered.

O’Sullivan says that she and her staff are now trying to figure out how to restore the school to its former glory.

The state is also looking to take the matter to the U.S. Court of Appeals for a ruling.

OʻNeill said that she was asked by her son to move her office to another part of the state, but she says she has not received any indication of that yet.

“I’m looking forward to moving back, but I think I have to keep my mouth shut,” O’Neal told me.

She says that the school is not the only place in Hawaiʼi where staff has had their work cut back because of the current administration.

Many other schools across the state have had to close down.

Some staff members at the Oʼahu Native Languages School have been put on leave.

The O’Mari-Kona-Waipahu native language school has struggled to find the money to continue operations.

Its current director, Jennifer C. Coggin, told me that the current funding model in Hawai’is for English immersion programs, which she helped establish in 2016, has been very limited and that the university had to rely on other funding sources to continue the program.

The language school is also one of only a few English-language language programs in Hawaiia that teach students who are from outside the state.

“Our funding model is completely different than the language programs that we teach,” Cogin said.

“There is not a language program that teaches students who speak Hawaiian.

There are no Hawaiian speakers who teach at the language school.”

The school’s funding model, which relies heavily on donations, has meant that the majority of the school’s $1.6 million budget is not available to the school, as the majority is used to support staff salaries, tuition, and books.

According to Cogins salary, her base salary is $24,000, which is less than half of what the school will be able to support with its current funding.

The other two-thirds of the budget comes from grants.

The Oʹahu Native American language school’s current funding, according to the Hawaiian Language Center, is $835,000.

The current funding for the language center is $1,700,000 and will be reduced to $1 million once the school reopens.

But the school does have some money left.

“The school is working on raising money from private donations,” Cotgins told me, and she is hoping that more private donations will help to fund the operation.

The money raised by the O.A.N.L.

S will go towards funding the operating costs of the language program and to supplement the school staffs salary and benefits.

“We are hoping that private donors will be interested in our programs,” Cokins said.

The state of Oʳahu is in the midst of a similar situation.

“What we’re seeing is a lot of people on the island being hit hard by the loss of funding,” Oʚahu Native language language director, Mary Ann Tannock, told The Washington Post.

“In my community, we’re experiencing a loss of our language.

The majority of our native speakers are on the mainland.

Our school has to rely upon donations from the islanders, and our language is not recognized on the Island.”

Tannock says that this has been a very difficult situation for the Oami-Oʻahu language school.

“When we first started the program, we were just teaching native language classes to people who lived in Hawaiians neighborhood,” she told me in a telephone interview.

“Now, we are teaching native speech to people living on the main islands.

We’ve lost our funding.

We have to take care of the staff and our students.

It’s a very, very difficult time.”

A petition calling for the school and the Oani language to be recognized as a Native Hawaiian language on the U,S.

Department of State website


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